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Last Updated: 5/30

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Rules and Regulations

If you try to bypass any of the rules below, your island may be disbanded. If you do not like our rules then we suggest playing on another server. Please note that the following punishments are just indicative, depending on the case staff can choose to apply different punishments. Rules are subject to change over time, and if you don't want to get Banned we highly recommend checking the rules once a week to check for updates!


Using Hacks / Scripts / Macros / Blacklisted Mods: Using any kind of Hacks that we don't allow on our community will be a strict punishment, we don't allow any unfair advantages!

1st Offence: 7 Days Ban

2nd Offence: 20 Days Ban

3rd Offence: Permanent Ban

Using Glitches / Exploits: Using any glitches to give your island an advantage in Island Top will not be allowed.

1st Offence: Glitch Removed + Island Warn

2nd Offence: Glitch Removed + 2nd Island Warn + Players involved with glitch receive a 7 Day Ban

3rd Offence: Glitch Removed + Island Disband + Permanent Ban for players participating in glitch (Does not matter if players are first offenders)

Account Limit: You are allowed 10 accounts maximum on the server, this includes a main and nine additional accounts. This number is balancing the playing field for solo players and smaller groups across the network.

1st Offence: Warning

2nd Offence: Ban on additional accounts.

Ban Evade: Choosing to bypass your Ban on another account will result in harsher punishments.

1st Offence: Warning

2nd Offence: Temporary IP Ban (Duration depends on time of original punishment.)

3rd Offence: 30 Day IP Ban on all accounts

4th Offence: Permanent IP Ban

Island Insiding: Joining a players island and intentionally griefing their island and stealing value.

1st Offence: 14 Day IP Ban on all accounts

2nd Offence: Permanent IP Ban


Racism, Discrimination, Sexual, and Derogatory Remarks: Using any discrimitory words isn't allowed on the server.

1st Offence: 6 Hour Mute

2nd Offence: 24 Hour Mute + 4 Hour Ban

3rd Offence: 2 Day Mute + One Day Ban

4th Offence: 20 Day Ban

5th Offence: Permanent Ban

Starting spam or spamming: Starting spam or causing spam in the server, example: [key all, key all key all, and commands like /msg] is not allowed on the server.

1st Offence: Warning

2nd Offence: 1 Hour Mute

3rd Offence: 24 Hours Mute

4th Offence: 7 Days Mute

5th Offence: 20 Day Ban

Bypassing Chat mute: Bypassing Chat mute while being muted is not allowed under any circumstances.

1st Offence: Warning 

2nd Offence: If it comes down to a 2nd Offence, additional mute time and possible Bans will be enacted depending on the specific circumstance.


Refusal of Screen Share / Logging Out while Frozen/during an SS:

1st Offence: 7 Day Ban (If you admit to your Hacks/Scripts before being SS'ed, the punishment will be halved)

Lying to Staff: If you lie to staff about anything serious and they find out, you will be punished!

1st Offence: 7 Day Temp Ban

2nd Offence: 20 Day Temp Ban

3rd Offence: Permanent Ban

/Ignore: Players are not allowed to ignore staff and staff are not allowed to ignore players.

1st Offence: Warning

2nd Offence: Circumstantial

Staff Disrespect: We encourage all our staff to have thick skin when it comes to angry or upset players, but excessive rude behavior toward any member of the staff team is simply disrespectful, as they are only there to assist you and your playing experience. (Understand that some staff members will tolerate certain remarks differently, and may be less offended by things, but be mindful that it is up to the staff member to take action.)

1st Offence: Warning (Staff, please use the format of: “[Player Name], that isn’t funny/that was rude/etc, please stop. This is a warning.” so players can be aware that you are warning them.)

2nd Offence: One Hour Mute

Multiple Offences: Muting from this point will increase by the hour for each offence, and can eventually lead to a Ban (This goes for discord as well.)


Names, Capes, and Skins with Inappropriate content: If your Minecraft character has anything inappropriate linked to it, you will be strictly punished!

1st Offence: Warning

2nd Offence: 3 Day Ban

3rd Offence: 7 Day Ban

4th Offence: 30 Day Ban

Irl Trading: You can message staff members to be a middle man between a trade of ranks for stuff and such. If you don't contact staff to be a middleman and you get scammed, we will not refund you anything. But if you are scammed while there is a staff middleman, you will be refunded and the scammer will meet the following consequences!

1st Offence: Permanent Ban

DDos/Dox Threats: Threatening to hack someone, reveal an ip address, link a photo of someone, or even joking about it is not allowed in the server or the official discord and will be strictly punished.

1st Offence: 7 Days IP Ban

2nd Offence: 30 Days IP Ban

3rd Offence: Permanent IP Ban

1st Offence Discord: Immediate Ban

Forging Proof: Creating a lie to have another player punished is unacceptable.

1st Offence: 20 Days Ban

2nd Offence: Permanent Ban

Up to Staff Discretion: Our staff team has the right to remove anyone from our server. Please note the following rules will vary from a case to case basis.

Server Disrespect

Being a Nuisance to the Server

If at any point you feel as though you have been wrongly punished, do not hesitate to take screenshots and contact an admin or manager to discuss the matter!